About Us

From tradition to innovation… Our profession is above all passion.

Shiv Jewels established on the tropical island paradise of Mauritius in 1989. Since then, we have been a creative manufacturer specialising in the export of its creations to European countries.
Our first duty free jewellery shop opened in the R. Seeneevassen Building in Port-Louis.
By 1996, Shiv Jewels relocated its retail operations to the Caudan Waterfront, a prime spot on the island.
Today, Shiv Jewels is at its second generation in the family business. In 2015, it combined its stores to provide a better experience to its customers – Gold and Silver jewellery in one duty free jewellery store.

We have launched our online store where you are able to view and purchase our jewellery.

Shiv Jewels commits to fulfil your dreams and to meet your demands by providing for you a large selection of unique creations…