Diamond Education

For most, buying a diamond is a new experience, but that doesn’t mean it should be overwhelming.

We hope this little guide will answer all your questions and help you in finding your perfect diamond.

The Four C’s

These are the most important characteristics of buying a diamond.

Cut – This is a diamond most important characteristic, having the greatest influence on the diamond’s beauty. This determines the sparkle of the diamond.

Diamond Cut chart
Colour – It refers  to a diamond’s lack of color, grading its whiteness. A colour grade of D is the highest possible, while Z is the lowest.
Diamond colors
Clarity – It is the measure of the number and size of tiny imperfections that occur in almost all diamonds.
Diamond Clarity - Shiv Jewels

Carat – It is the weight of the diamond. Each carat is divided into 100 points, hence 1/2 carat is 50 points.

​At Shiv Jewels Impex, all diamonds clarity are above S1 and colour G-H or better. The cut of most diamonds is very good or excellent.
We stock loose diamonds with GIA certificates, which are available duty-free.

​We will be happy to assist you in selecting a diamond and if you have a specific requirement in mind, we can always order it for you within a reasonable time frame.