“In love with Beauty”

Borsari Gioielli was born in Verona inspired by the homonymous gate that, in the Imperial era, was the main entrance to the city where the events of the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet took place.
The facade of the door is completely decorated in white limestone, precious but resistant, it is indeed still possible to admire it in its beauty despite the passage of time.

An elegant decoration, precious but at the same time essential.
An important source of inspiration for Renaissance artists and architects, the door is the symbol for designers of the Brand, in particular for the choice of the precious materials used in Borsari collections.

Verona, symbol of elegance and charm, is the cradle of our company.
Borsari embraces the traditions of the city, expressing in the products the beauty of craftsmanship by proposing innovative, refined lines, worked with the most sophisticated production Made in Italy techniques.

According to the interpretation of dreams, the door symbolizes novelty, change, transformation.
It is said that Romeo, wanting to give a jewel to Giulietta, turned to the best artisan workshop in the city. The materials necessary to make this jewel passed through Porta Borsari, the craftsman molded them and created a gift for this unique and eternal love.